RAMENS (Rapid Airborne Methods of Navigation across the Star) presents...

The Junkton

The first-ever mobile roleplaying venue!

Regular docking place: Phoenix, Mist, Ward 11, The Topmast, Room 75

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Silver Valkyrie Events Discord: https://discord.gg/sve

Endless Nights Discord: https://discord.gg/Kc2n4aw

Venue mechanics

What's there to know? It's merely another R&R venue... on the MOVE! Have your character enter the apartm... I mean, board the ship, and with the power of imagination we shall fly across the realm and witness all of its wonders... while traversing its many dangers as well. As in every other RAMENS venue, accidents are likely and sometimes bound to happen...

Half an hour after opening, this ship venue will enter "Flight mode" and travel from destination to destination, making regular stops along the way - these can be either actual overworld locations within the game or other RP venues that happen to be open at the time. During each stop, passengers will be free to either disembark or remain in the ship.

When in the ship, the staff encourages you to relax and chat with fellow travellers, either inside the cozy cabin or taking in the vistas up at the deck. Don't worry if you want to enter mid-flight: we can pretend you've always been there. And if you want to leave mid-flight... rent one of our black chocobos for a meager additional 500 gil! Or... have your character jump. Suit yourself.

When outside in the overworld, communication will take place in party or linkshell chat, and any special events that may take place will be introduced accordingly. Fight encounters, both inside and outside the ship, will play out with a basic rolling system making use of the ingame /dice command - yes, like Dungeons and Dragons, but much more simplified!

Disembark notifications, as well touristic commentary will be provided on a timely manner, and music+lighting adjusted dynamically so everyone knows where we are at any given moment. A single dinner will be served mid-flight. Thank you in advance for your patronage, and happy flight!


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Flight Logs

1) Test flight: The Ruby Sea - Thavnair - Vylbrand.

2) October 2020: First official sightseeing flight: Vylbrand - Mor Dhona - Thanalan

3) October 2020: Saint's Wake + Bozjan Resistance Supply Run: Vylbrand - Kugane - Ilsabard.

4) January 2021: "R.A.M.E.N.S. Varieté Show": Vylbrand - Coerthas.

5) April 2021: "The Magi Trials": Vylbrand - Thanalan.

6) August 2021: "Junkton Debut & Carnage Fishball Tournament": The Mist - Costa del Sol.

Next route: August 2021, Vylbrand - Costa del Sol


Airship owner
and pilot




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